About Me

                                                            Hi my name is Mary.
                                                                I'm 24 yrs old.

                                                I have a beautiful daughter named Gabrielle!!

.I'm also Married to my best friend/lover named Christopher.I met him when I was 15.WOW long time...We've been together ever since.We've had are share of ups and downs like most couples,but we've worked though them..

I'm a stay at home momma. I love to be outdoors with my family.I also like                                          to sew but haven't had much time to do so..Hoping to get around to it!! I also                               like to do crafts. My world re voles around one little girl who has stolen my heart!!
I intend to look back on this one day with my daughter!!!If you'd like to know alittle
          more about me shoot me an e-mail.or just follow my life on this blog.

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