Our Love Story

Our Love Story.....


I Love this man whole heart and soul!!!!

I wanted to share are love story with you it's kinda funny.And i want to remember this when I get old and can't.So hers the beginning.

It all started when I was hanging out with a friend.We hung out all the time, and Wal-mart seem to be the hip place .There where some really cute guys that where cart pushers.So that definitely helped!!One day Alicia and i decide that she should borrow/ take a wheel chair.she had broke her ankle and couldn't really walk.but as we we're trying to load the wheelchair in the car we got approached by two cart pushers.and may i add handsome too!!!Any who they told us that we wouldn't be able to take the wheel chair do to it doesn't fold and it had a bar under the seat.I guess due to people like Us. Trying to borrow. haha We laughed it off.Then Chris one of the cart pushers thought that he new my friend Alicia.and asked her if she new him.She told him"If i do I don't remember you sorry."He smiled and said no big deal.As time went by we chatted for a while!!
Chris is a talker and i cant say much because i to LOVE to chat too!!After while and when i say while we had spent must of our evening there.and it was time for the boys to get off.So Alicia and i offered to take him home He didn't have a license at the time just hadn't gotten to it i guess! so we took him home. After we dropped him off he asked if we had plans that night? ME I was up for anything!!All i did was ride around with Alicia.so as long as she was free so was I.So i let him know and he invited us to the bowling ally.he was on the wal-mart bowling lead that's right!!so of course said I yes!!!!why would i not say yes!!! I didn't know at the time that he had a girlfriend but nothing serious.So Alicia and i met up with Chris and Brandon later that night Brandon was the friend that was with him when he approached us.Any who when we met up with him i couldn't help but want to flirt with Chris and that is when he told me he had a girlfriend..Wait what a girl who's a friend or a girlfriend that so blew my night.but for some reason it didn't stop me from putting my phone number in his phone.(I know this sounds bad but hey i was 15 and he was 17 who knew you could get serious so young!!Not me!!!
So after we left that night i talked to Alicia about him and she couldn't help but talk about Brandon to me See she had a thing for him.But she told me if he like you enough things will work out.So the next night we went up to Wal mart.you know i needed something HAHA.(A look at him).But none the less he was there.ahhhh I was so excited/nervous for no reason but i was so happy to see him there!!Brandon was the first to see us so he approached fast."Hey Ladies How are Ya'll today." Fine thanks and yourself?? thats alittle how the convo went.then he asked if were busy tonight wanted to know if we wanted to hang out .I knew Alicia wanted to But Is Chris going to be there that's all i could think!!And of course he was going to be why wouldn't he be?
So we ended up going to his house that night and hanging out.Alicia was talking with Brandon and playing video games.so Chris and i stepped out back.We must have been setting out there for a while because that night is what brought me close to him.I mean we talked about everything .things you wouldn't really tell others about but we were that confrotable with each other.One thing lead to another and here he was well I thought he was asking me.''What do you think about me?''Before I new it i was spouting off at the mouth about how open minded he was smart sweet ...blah blah.I so wish i could go back in time because He swears he asked me what i thought about his friend Brandon.!!!!!Any ways he brushed it off and i continued to ask what he thinks of me?I feel awful because i cant remember what he said .Ohh and he didn't tell me About the Brandon thing until a few months later!!!The next few days went bye but i didn't see him and i didn't want to seem all stalkerish.So We waited for the week end and they invited us out to bowling again.which was fine to me.because all i wanted to do was see him!!!it was a great night Alicia filled in for them because they were missing a player, but it was a great night.
The next day i showed up at Wal-mart and a friend of Chris's approached me and asked if liked him.Of course not what would give you that idea?? that I'm up here all the time lol.anyways i said if i did it wouldn't matter he had girlfriend.and I'm just not that type of girl.He said if he didn't have a girlfriend.I said Id be all over him like a dog on a good bone!!!lol.The next few days were very I wonder if he likes me omg omg omg You know how as ladies tend to be!!any ways we went back to Wal mart and just started talk with the guys Chris needed a hair cut and Alicia cut hair. BONUS for me we got to go to his House and hang out that's when i found out that he wasn't seeing anyone !!!YAY for me right .So that night he had his head laying in my lap.I was drawing on his face with Pen.so middle school but who cares!!!Any way as his head lay there all i could do was look at his Big beautiful BLUE eyes and I said to him."Iam I Ur Wife, Ur Girl, Or Ur Main Bitch!!!He looked at me with that smile I love so much and said "My girl if that's ok with you"!!!!Awww I know all I could do was refane from Kissing him but what the hell I layed THE BIGGEST kiss on that man.!!!So here's a little story of how our LOVE became what it is today!!! Hope you all enjoy!!!

This is a gift Alicia gave to Us for a bridal shower gift!!!
Young......That's all i can say.

Hope you all enjoy.

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