Friday, January 27, 2012


 Dear Friday,
Why do you come around so fast time is flying its already Jan. 27,2012!!! Slow down Gabby's growing to quick.Took her to her Doctors today and she is 25 lbs. WOW..I remember her being 7lbs 4 ounces..

Dear customer service,
YOU DO NOT have to be so rude.When I call its for reason!!!

Dear  McDonald's,
Thank you so much for Making sweet tea.I absolutely love it!!!!

Dear Husband,
Thank you for all you do and for working so hard to provide Gabby and I to have a roof over our heads,and Food in our belly's.But most of all for loving me when i am mean!!!!

Dear Gabby,
Thank you for waking up early this Morin and not let me sleep in. but its OK I have more time with you today!!

Dear Treadmill,
I have a date with you as soon as I'm done with this post!!!

Dear Followers,
Thanks for always leaving comments I LOVE them they are always super sweet!!!!!   And a BIG THANK YOU for Following ME.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post!!!


jen said...

I'm a fellow August mommy from Babycenter. Your little girl is precious, and growing so big! I have no idea how much my daughter weighs now, but she's getting big enough that my arm starts to ache when I hold her!
thanks for stopping by my blog :)
("Seattle_Jen from BBC)

jen said...

Oh wait...I'm a moron. You don't have an August baby! LOL! Well, in any case, your daughter is beautiful!! (I have a May 2010 baby and an August 2011 baby, which was why I was confused!)

Happy Friday! I clearly need more sleep.

Anonymous said...

mcdonalds sweet tea is the best, right behind my mamaws. cute blog && beautiful family.

Pratishtha Durga said...

Mary, your blog always has such sweet warmth to it :) Love the way you write about your precious family. Lots of love to your beautiful daughter.

Claire said...

loving this post! what a brilliant idea. very amusing and let's me get to know you better in a fun way!

NKubon said...

Too cute. Love your "dear's". I used to love MCDonalds sweet tea, now that I am trying to shed some extra weight I've let it go. I miss it. LOL.

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