Remember when I told you that I had a few projects going on..?? well I actually had the help of my husband and we made some great gifts for the Beautiful kids in our lives!!

So the first one up is??

The Chalk Board-

This is what you will need.
-Chalk Board paint
-Paint brush
-Rag to clean any surface
-the wood we did a 2foot x 4 foot board

This was the hunny doing the measuring.

This is him doing the cuts!!

Then you proceed to paint the board
do at least 3 coats that's what I did.

Then we made the sides and stained them to give them a little color.
Plus in this step we stapled the boards together.

This one was for my nephew/ niece.
He loved it!!

At the last minute I made a dry eraser for the board.!!
super fancy right. lol

I thought it was pretty cute!!

So this is one project that we worked on and
we made 2 one for them and the other for Gabby!!
She loves to draw so what better thing right..

Did you do any projects for Christmas link up with me and let me know!!plus I'd love to look at all of them!!!

So the next project happens to be for a little girl I Babysit.
It was super fun to do these projects with my hunny!!
This project is a set of
- Play Blocks!!!
they really easy to make and didn't take much time either all thou you're hands do get a little sore from sanding the blocks!!

 So first off you need to find the size you want to make them we made them 1 1/2
inches then the hunny cut them to size. 

This is one block

Then we needed to sand them down
 to make sure the were soft for her.

This is just the messy area we were working in
P.s that is one of my Christmas boxes with all the x-mas stuff!!

Yes i did take part in this in case you think i didn't!!

So i had went out to buy the stencils to make the letters and I couldn't find them
after I was ready to do the project so I went and bought more.but the letters were to BIG
So we hand painted the letters on the blocks.

And I forgot to mention that we hand painted the blocks to!!!

This is what we were busy doing. What were you up to?

Place mats

I told you I had a DIY coming up, and that I was making place mats but I also made a table runner to go with them they turned out super cute. They are a little plain but I like them that way.
Cute right!!

Of course Gabby had to get in one of the shots!!
Now I'm on to the next DIY and I am making pillow cushions to go with the chairs same material. I'm so happy they turned out nice even thou I'm not very good at sewing my mom had to come over and help me with the stitches. They were all jacked up but we fixed it!! and now I know what I'm doing GOO me!!!! Thanks to my momma!! Till next time!! Have a great day!!

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