Monday, November 21, 2011

New to Blogging

Hi guys this is mary,
 I just started blogging, and thought what the hey, this cant be to hard. I have friends that do it why cant I. Right, Right. Anywho, Im 24 yrs old I have a daugther her name is Gabrielle but we call her Gabby, I just got married in September.That greatest day OF my life!!! See I have been with my husband for 9 yrs.....We just got married! I could tell you I was a little nag about it to. You know
when ur with someone for so long you can only wait so little. (LOL)not really I'd have to say i would have waited FOREVER!!!.I thought ''This day IS never going to happen", but it did and I was probly one of the happiest girls in the world!!!

.This is just a few pics from the wedding.But it was diffenitly a glarious day for me and mine..I have to say that I'am proud to be the wife of his
                                               And the mother of our beautiful daugther!!!
I would never go back in time to a change a thing becaues the life I live would never measure up to what I have now! With that said i'm hopeing this works out with the blogging,and that I keep up with it.and meet new people who have inspirations and words of wisdom, Because i'm always up for listening and learing new things!!!!!

 P.s. Thanks for stopping by,and hope you vist often!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

I'm one of your first followers! I follow your friend Katie's too. I got married Sept 24!

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