Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I have been trying to clean my frontroom/computer room/craft area, But it seems
 everytime I get it together, we accumulate way more things.That just get thrown around
 everywhere.Then I say ok today im going to pick everything up, and throw away the things 
I dont need.but then I get side tracked and I DONT do it. :( Or little miss gabby will get into things .

Not me mom.....
I HATE IT!!!!Not so much the little miss gabby but putting it off. I am determined
 to get it orgnaized!! So.... Last night I started looking though
things and started organizing.Today I moved somethings around.Bla bla

Now I'm going to have my husband help me do a D.I.Y project and put some shovles up!.... I'm thinking box type shovles not book stlye you know where the shovle is just one straight board.

 Cant wait to show the pics!! I would so show you pics of the room now. But.....naahh you would'nt wont to see it.lol.. Maybe in the works i'll show you!!

                                          Do you have any advice on how to orgnaize. 
                                         I would love to hear and maybe even link up!!


Jamie said...

Good luck organizing!

Jamie said...

I'm new to blogging too, and just became a follower. I just came across your comment on Handling with Grace's blog.
Good luck organizing! We just moved into a new house and I feel that's all I am doing. Ugh on top of chasing a 18month old baby girl.
How you will stop on by:)

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