Friday, December 2, 2011


 So yesterday morning I woke up  feeling in the Christmas mood!!and thought mmm.. Think  I'm going to make some cina-buns..yummy..... Well little did I know that I put the temp at 425' and walked away.               
                                                   When  I came back 13 min's later
                                                              this is what I had..

Ugh.. I was so looking forward to something yummy..when Chris came home he said them things are as hard as hockey pucks.HAHA very funny.I'm normally a great baker not to brag!!but he would agree!!

P.S. I went to the store and bought more going to make them today!!!!

 The start to dinner!!!
So I decide to take some of the left over turkey and make a Delicious Pot Pie.It was all home made from me making the crust to making a mini turkey on the top of the pot pie soo cute.But while I was preparing dinner gabby was in the living room trying to read LOVE HER!!!
But as soon as I brought out the pot pie she was all over it.
I told her it was hot but she had to see for herself!!

When all said and done it was so FREAKING good!!!
Have you ever burnt something and was completely disappointed?
How about you tell me about it!!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Haha, I've done that many times with cooking. I'll try something new and it'll totally flop. I'll ask my fiance if that's something he'd like me to make again and sometimes he'll, kindly, say no, that's ok. haha. oh well at least I tried. The chicken pot pie looks great. That's what I was thinking about making tonight since it's getting so cold recently.

Katie {Party of Four} said...

lol your to funny. I love thoses things though

Catherine said...

Oops that would be a fail :-) I had a baking dissaster too recently. Tried to bake some biscuits (cookies) on 'Grill' instead of 'Bake'. Cooked nicely but burnt on top!

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