Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Remember when I told you that I had a few projects going on..?? well I actually had the help of my husband and we made some great gifts for the Beautiful kids in our lives!!

So the first one up is??

The Chalk Board-

This is what you will need.
-Chalk Board paint
-Paint brush
-Rag to clean any surface
-the wood we did a 2foot x 4 foot board

Then you proceed to paint the board
do at least 3 coats that's what I did.

Then we made the sides and stained them to give them a little color.
Plus in this step we stapled the boards together.

This one was for my nephew/ niece.
He loved it!!

At the last minute I made a dry eraser for the board.!!
super fancy right. lol

I thought it was pretty cute!!

So this is one project that we worked on and
we made 2 one for them and the other for Gabby!!
She loves to draw so what better thing right..

Did you do any projects for Christmas link up with me and let me know!!plus I'd love to look at all of them!!!


rebecca said...

This is such an awesome little idea. I'm going to have to get crafty and do this for my daughter. She would love it

Katie {Party of Four} said...

your so smart!

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