Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fishing trip

 Do you remember me telling you about how we like to do thing spur of the moment well...
this Sat.mu hubby had to work so he didn't get to fish.he likes to fish ALOT!!! don't get me wrong i like too. but when you have a 20 month old on the boat you tend not to get to do anything but keep your eyes on the little one.But this trip was different its like Gabby knew i needed a break and was great the whole time.Anyways back to the story.

We were over at my sisters house and my husband asked them would yall wanna go camp out at a lake.Wake up go fishing then head home? My sisters man was all up for it but it took some convincing my sister.After an hour later Olivia ordering pizza we were out the door back to the house to get ready we were going!!!so i took some pics and ill show you. hope you enjoy!!!!
                                                     This is last min camping literly.....

If you're wondering where we slept the backseats fold down
 so we made a bed and slept there

We made a fire as soon as we got there
 it was a little chilly!!

When we woke up the next  morning gabby had
 no idea were we where..

So this is where we ended up.

                                                               This is how Gabby kept busy
                                                                    Daddy didn't like it thou!!

but he quickly got over it!!

YESSSS I caught a FISH!!!!
actually I caught 2.

We had a few obstacle's to go thou but we made it though!!

 The water was so clear......

P.s. Even though the hubby worked Sat.
It was still a great weekend!!!  

Have you ever just took a trip that had no purpose?I'd Love to hear about it or even read about it!!!
P.S. sorry about the overload of pictures!!!


Jamie said...

I love quick weekend trips. Looks like fun!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

love taking quick weekend trips. my hubby and i were just talking about taking a quick trip somewhere!

Mary said...


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