Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am...

 I am the girl who loves to go fishing with her husband.
The girl who loves sweet tea.
The girl who has the most precious daughter.
The girl who changes diapers!!
The girl that cooks dinner for the family.
The girl who wants a new S.U.V. That is not a stick!! but has 4x4.
The girl who likes to go out with her man and get his truck dirty!!
Who likes to go fishing/Camping.and can do it at the last min.
Loves water no matter where it is!!
The one that hates the smell of Cinnamon but likes it with sugar on my toast.
Who rootes for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl.
Who cant wait to start school again but kinda nervous.
That loves her family Heart and soul!!
Who loves her nieces and nephew to death!!
That kinda cant wait for the Holiday's to be over because its a heck tic time of year,
but I love being with the family and celebrating the lord!!
The girl that loves country music!!
Eats Raisin Brand as a night time snack.
Likes to do crafting but doesn't do much of it.I need to work on that!!!
Has a dog named Roxy who's like a daughter!!

I'm sure there are much more but thought I'd give you the low down on me I'm sure I'll add more to this to!!! Got this from another blog i follow named Party of four. you should check her out if you haven't!!!

1 comment:

Claire said...

how fun is this! i like that you like to camp, fish and do outdoorsy stuff! i used to do that all the time too with the hubs until we had our kids. and we keep having more so it gets a tad difficult until they get older i think!

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