Monday, December 5, 2011


So today I'm going to show you some pictures from Friday and the weekend.There's some days missed.but I'll tell you about it as we go!!
                                                   This is Gabby and I on r way to the river!!

This is us backing down in the river,

This was just a nice day!!

This is Gabby getting mad because I didn't take her out of the car.. :(

And this is when we found out we couldn't go because
something broke on the boat...but he fixed it that day!!:)
 These where Friday pics!!

Then Sat. my niece had a birthday party at the park
Gabby had a blast playing on everything!!!

Gabby insisted she would drive the park around!!
LOL...She's great!!

The world in her eyes!!

Gabby playing with her friend gauge!!

This is Sat.night we tend to get a little crazy!!

At the end of the weekend we went downtown
and looked at the lights and seen the Christmas!!

I don't get to show you what happened to Sunday because my batteries
died.but we went trail riding and fished a little pond out in the forest!!
That was our weekend how was yours???leave a message and let me know

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