Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday funday!!!

 We went and took the boat out yesterday. We went out to Lake Weir.which is were we meet up with some  great friends.It was awsome got a little tan.Had some lunch with my Gabby and Hubby.Caught some fish matter of fact I was the first to catch a fish.It was at least a 5 pound mud fish.Yay good for me!! We did not keep it though,But other than that we came home had dinner and with the bass  so we I cooked it up.It was a great dinner since I have been watching my weight!!But all in all it was a great Day I love the weekends.Its always great family time.!!

Here's a pic of the mud fish we caught.

ANd of course my little Gabby had to get a picture
she kept saying che che you know for

 How was your sundy?

1 comment:

Claire said...

that's a huge mud fish! i love that you guys love to do fun family activities like fishing. and your cheese loving daughter is soooo cute!!!

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