Monday, February 6, 2012


I know I haven't posted in a while but its been busy.Since all of this nice weather has been around we have been out and about from fishing to riding in trials!! Its been super great!!but the best part of it all is that its family time and Gabby isn't even 2 yet, and already she knows how to work a fishing pole!!!she cast very well!And one other big thing I got a NEW Camera!!!!Its a Nikon coolpix L110.
I'm not to sure if its a good camera or not but it has taken some cute pics!!I have been wanting a good nice camera for a while now and I Finally Have It !!!!!

So here's a pic of the New One!!!

(P.s. this picture was with the old camera)
Love it I know I do.It doesn't change lens,
but that's OK, Just means I wont lose parts. LOL.

So I thought i would show you some pictures with the new CAMERA!!
Here's from the weekend trip of fishing.

OK so I need to learn how to use this thing they come out Blurry
Any one with any camera experience please help!!!
but other than that how have yall been???

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