Tuesday, March 27, 2012

long time....

 So what has everyone been up to? Me I seem to have gotten the worst week/weekend  ever!!! I thought that gabby had a little rash which spread like a wild fire all over her little tiny legs and on her bottom and her arms!!i wasn't to worried when it first started like i said it was little but by the next day it was all over.I thought she may of had an allergic reactions to some soap but that was not the case!!
 I took her to children's express was in and out with in an hour and a half.come to find out my little Gabby caught the Chicken Pox's!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!! Now What?? I don't know if have mentioned that i babysit a little girl for a friend of Chris and i and i told her parents that gabby had them but i couldn't stop it because she had already been over Thurs.and that's when gabby was running a fever that i brushed off as her wisdom teeth  coming in.but i guess it wasn't.needless to say the little girl got them to !!!    :(
So my week is busy with calamine lotion.and lots of it!!!so how has everyone Else been?
 I hope great!!!!  
 Notice how I wrote this in red them Little red bumps!! grrrrr

23 months


Pratishtha Durga said...

That's terrible! Since this post came a couple of weeks back, I hope your little one is better and the rash is gone. I remember Chicken Pox as a child and it wasn't a happy period.

Hope everything is better now. Take care.

Lindsay said...

Such cute pictures :) Happy weekend!

Claire said...

oh poor baby. the chicken pox are soo not fun. even harder for you, i'm sure. i hope she's feeling better by now. but she looks very cute in that picture!!!


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