Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Update on Gabby, Plus a little ramable...

  We went to the doctors and thank you lord no broke nose!!! yay!! but she did tell me her nose is so little that we wouldn't be able to tell till she was a little older and that if so she would be able to get cosmetic surgery when she is over the age of 18.
Surgery say what??? 
This little girl will not have surgery NO NO NO NO. But she said her nose looked straight and that I have nothing to worry about. thank you!!! But on to other News....
I got my first gray hair at 21 and now i have this little bit of gray going on. So I have decide that i am going to take it into my own hands and get these things gone!!!I have to show you the color but u wont even be able to tell that i have dyed it because it matches my hair color GO me!!!
I also wanted to say I'm going to try and get post up like every other day. Just till i get back to it!and i also hope to have more pics up!I have been lacking in picture taking.But i should have some today I'm taking Gabby and my nephew to the park.Who knows what those two little people can get into!!Im also wanting to do more crafts so you will also see some DIY's. The first one that is coming up is homemade place mats.One For Daddy one for Momma and one for Gabby. Hopefully this weekend if not before. pictures and post as soon as they happen.
 But heres a picture of a DIY Gabby and I did not long ago. We always find clay on the river, so we took some home. Made a handprint and a heart for her, and I let her paint it.Turned out super cute!!      Till later!                                

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its been a while.....

Hey girls!!!!
 Ya, Ya, Ya, Its been forever but I have not forgot about all of you. I have finally got around  to do an update post.Not sure if anyone has heard or read the Fifty shades of Grey.Like I'm sure every woman has.......But jeez i cant wait for the movie!! Any way my little girl has just been growing like a weed!! I mean it she has gotten huge!! and attitude OMG!! Ahhh I wonder were it comes from surely not her sweet but sometimes not so nice mother!!! haha.. We have been doing plenty of boating,and out door actives.And now that Hunting Season is here we and a few close friends took all our CRAZY children to the hunting camp ground. They(as in kids) all had a blast but  of all things to happen..... 
Gabby falls SMACK on her poor little nose and lets just say not the best look!!! Bruised and a little flat lots of blood and way more crying than I had wished for!!!My poor Princess!! But 3 days later and she acts like nothing happened I have a doctors appointment for her tomorrow.Hopefully they say shes fine and nothing is broke.the worst part was being way out in the woods, because we went to Cedar key to hunt. We had no idea were the hospital was..Ahhh again right right. Anyways I  really hope to get back in the spirit of my blog again and start writing more!!But that was a short run down on our life lately.That and gabby is now 2 1/2 wow where has the time gone.
  This is Gabby's poor little nose..
   its more bruised today..  :(

Isn't she a cutie!!!! 
 Hope to catch up on everyone and everyone catch up on us!!

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