Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeding the horse's

 Yesterday Gabby and I went and fed these two horse's that are down the road next to the Corner store."a local gas station". 
They look to be old horse's to. But none the less they like attention to. As Gabby and I walked up to feed them there was only one the other hadn't come yet but soon enough it made its presents. We fed them some carrots.
Gabby actually did it herself and the horse's were so soft and sweet with her they let her and I pet them too.    
 Aren't they just the cutest!!
 Gabby wanted to ride them I told her maybe a pony,
 No horse's yet.
  She loved it and wants to go back today.I think we might.
I love taking her outside I want to find a big field were I can let her run around like mad hatter and I can just sit there and watch her play, pick flowers,and maybe read a book!! DREAMS right!!!   
ONE DAY MAYBE SOON!           


Joanna said...

those horses seems so sweet!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Oh my gosh...I really need a horse or two. :) I love their sweet faces!

What beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!


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